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Mechanic fixing tyre

Don't forget about your tires when you have your vehicle repaired. From tire installation to flat tire repair, we will have your tires in the best condition.

Get complete tire service with us

•  Installation

•  Flat repair

•  Tire rotation

•  Wheel balancing

•  Custom wheel services

Don't forget to have your tires rotated to ensure even wear. The last thing you need on the highway is a blowout. Along with most manufacturers, we recommend doing it every other oil change or every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.

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Don't just repair your vehicle, repair your tires too

If you have a flat tire you may not have to buy a new one. Let us repair your flat tire - we'll have it patched-up in no time.

Schedule your oil change and tire rotation today. We promise we have affordable prices.

Buy from our wide selection of quality tires.

We're your source for high-quality tires for your car, truck, or SUV. We work on individually owned vehicles, and national accounts.


In addition to our wide selection of tires that we keep in stock, we offer complete tire services.


At Carl and Scott's Automotive Repair you can have all your car troubles fixed.

Make sure you have your tires rotated to ensure even wear.